Sanasepposivut suomeksi (in Finnish)

December 15th, 2004

Sanasepot ("The Wordsmiths")

The Finnish Crossword Association

Sanasepot is an independent non-profit association for Finnish crossword enthusiasts, both constructors and solvers. We are not affiliated with any crossword publisher, although some of them are our members.

The Sanasepot pages are only available in Finnish. Our main goal is to serve Finnish crossword solvers, many of whom are not familiar with the English language. Currently, we have no plans to create an English version of these pages. However, you are welcome to browse.

The most popular type of crossword puzzles in Finland is picture crossword. Take a look at some examples on our crossword puzzle page. Just select some of the HTML links to view a crossword on your browser.

You may also want to check our crossword links to foreign pages (under the heading "Vieraskieliset sivut").

You can send feedback to us. Do not worry about the Finnish texts in the form, just type your message and click the button. If you want to give your email address, it goes to the area "Sähköpostiosoite".